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Z10 gynecological examination bed

Z10 gynecological examination bed

Date: 2016-06-15 Click: 775
Z10 gynecological examination bed

First, technical indicators
Gynecological examination bed surface should be smooth, clean, no burrs, bumps and traces of rust. The welding firm, no blisters, cold cracking, leakage phenomenon of welding burn. The leg of the bed is symmetrical, the angle is gentle, and the bending angle is the same. The supporting leg frame and the handle are fixed firmly, and the lifting and rotating are flexible.
Table of dimensions and adjustment range
Unit: mm

Bed height

Bed width

Hip long bed

The bed feet long

Back bed surface length

Pedal adjustment range

Fold back angle










Two, the scope of application
For gynecological examination of medical institutions
Three, installation instructions
1 legs on the level of the ground, the first hip plate fixed on the legs above.
2 the support frame of the back support frame and the supporting frame of the supporting frame of the legs are fixed on the transverse side of the two legs.
3 respectively the back bed surface and the bed surface by the leg hinge shaft in hip plate, and then on the bolt (note the leg bed in bed legs straight side).
Four, the use of methods
1 according to the doctor's request, the back frame or foot box can be raised or dropped.
2 the back frame and the foot frame rise or fall is through the support frame with a bad place, stuck two legs of the lower end of the horizontal support frame, to complete the rise or drop angle.
Five, matters needing attention
1 back frame, the foot box rises or falls to check the support frame with card bad and the support frame bar is stuck.
2 the support frame and the back frame, the foot frame connection place screw is loose.
3 after checking the connection of each part is fixed, there is no loose phenomenon.
4 on the bed surface to prevent sharp cut to ensure smooth appliances and flexibility.
5 to prohibit the use of overload.
6 to ban the former Ministry of the bed, from the side to go to bed.
Six, storage, transport
The product should be stored in a well ventilated room with no harmful or corrosive substances. Transportation should be prevented from snow, rain, not the use of hazardous substances mixed transport. Available general transport.