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D05-1 Manual and Electric Bed

D05-1 Manual and Electric Bed

Date: 2016-06-15 Click: 1667
D05-1 Manual and Electric Bed

Product function:
  The backlit remote control handle night is more convenient to use CE authentication, long life with electric motor, so stand up and back, leg, left leg, the solution will be, shampoo, feet, infusion, dining, mobile, entertainment and other functions, the double super mute wheel, movable and adjustable type into a wheelchair, automatic welding bed the robot body, more exquisite technology, the use of electrostatic spraying technology and national standard of cold rolled steel. Back: 75mm; turn over about 50 + 5 degrees; leg 40 degrees - 5 degrees; fall leg 80 degrees - 5 degrees; the bed load is not less than 300KG.
Technical parameter:
  The bed body skeleton formed by square 80*40*1.2 welded plate thickness is more than 1.2mm, the tube thickness is more than 1.5mm, and the advanced welding technology, welding quality, bed body strong, can carry more than 260kg;
  Bed surface: the use of the whole press face 1mm thick panel, ventilation design, easy to air and with non slip function.
  Bed body using the Aksu Nobel environmental protection antibacterial powder electrostatic spray, with anti-corrosion, rust, beautiful appearance and so on.
  Selection of CE certification motor electric control position transformation, motor performance is stable, stable and reliable use, quiet noise low, waterproof and dust, the power supply voltage 220V, frequency 50Hz, noise less than 85DB;
  Beds have a type safe linkage knee compression of dorsal and bilateral CPR bed body reset function, a key function of any key to stop, sit up, turn over, automatic timing detection and other functions.
  The head of the bed and the bed tail board adopt ABS engineering plastic injection molding, and the hanging type design can be disassembled conveniently, which is stable and reliable, and the outer side of the tail plate is provided with a patient information card slot;
  Aluminum Alloy folding guardrail design, convenient operation, no hand clamping, Aluminum Alloy column, security firm, corrosion resistant, guardrail connecting pieces are metal parts, solid and reliable; down can be hidden in the bed and the bed on both sides of the flush panel.
  The configuration with 125 brake casters, high stability of brake linkage system, stable and convenient, waterproof and dustproof, a cake designed to increase the land area, increase stability.
  With the support of the infusion stand and drainage hook, optional with the infusion stand.
  ABS integral molding table, sturdy and durable, easy to clean and remove.
  Equipped with special nursing bed wash basin, toilet bowl.
  The mattress is 6 centimeters with brown cotton, built-in medical waterproof cloth, outer layer is a waterproof design of household bedspread, easy cleaning.