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A05 manual curved legs skid turn over nursing bed

A05 manual curved legs skid turn over nursing bed

Date: 2016-09-04 Click: 1412
A05 manual curved legs skid turn over nursing bed

Product function:
Back lift
  The user can easily complete the independent sit up, daily necessities, reduce the nursing labor intensity, reduce lumbar muscle strain.
Leg lift
  Sit up can support natural leg bending 45 degrees, promote blood circulation, prevent the numbness of limbs varicose veins, leg convenient daily care.
At the same time, back knee lift
  The user can choose the most comfortable position for entertainment, learning, eating, reading, shampoo, feet, and easy to get out of bed, to reduce knee pressure, reduce the pressure of nursing.
Turn left and right
  Eighty percent off back frame design, help the user to turn left and right turn, suitable for long-term bed users, effectively reduce the pressure of injured tissues, prevent bedsores, easy cleaning and defecation nursing.