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air mattress

air mattress

Date: 2016-06-15 Click: 737
air mattress

  First of all, we introduce the principle of fluctuation: the mattress itself has 22 air pipe to form a single mattress, both 2 air chamber. The mattress is inflated by long time working air exhaust, to complete the effect of fluctuations in the. Circular exhaust, the effect of fluctuations is the two chamber of the air, 8 minutes after the pump will automatically change the breath to become saturated. This is the principle of wave of anti bedsore air mattress.
Matters needing attention:
  A ready inflatable mattress to pave the first mattress inflated to normal use generally first inflation time is 30 minutes.
Two, check the air inflated pressure is adjustable to extend the rubber tube is open for a short cut with scissors the largest mattress, convenient and air outlet.
  Three, check whether the air pipe joints under the mattress are connected intact to maintain normal inflation
  Four, because is cold in winter, we can lay a thin mattress on the mattress above, for patients to keep warm, thus make patients more comfortable.
  Five, more than 135KG of the patient can not use this kind of mattress.
  Six, inflation should pay attention to the pressure control, can not exceed the maximum pressure to prevent excessive  pressure on the airbag.
  Seven, keep the mattress clean, often with a neutral detergent to clean the surface, pay attention to acid and alkali.
  Eight, note the mattress and bed surface can not have sharp objects, prevent piercing the mattress.
  Nine, when the use of attention to keep clean, stored in a dry and ventilated place, note the moisture.

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