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Date: 2016-06-15 Click: 757

  Wooden dining table, with multi-function nursing bed, medical bed and so on. So that users can be very convenient to eat, study, etc..
The table board uses the yellow wood, elegant.
Meal board strong and durable, beautiful.
Table 90 cm long (general size of all types of beds), 30 cm wide.
Random packing quantity!
1 this product is ordinary single shaker, double bed, multifunctional nursing bed supporting table turning plate, convenient and practical.
2 need to cooperate with both sides of the common rail use, can be sliding regulation (removable).
3 easy to bed patients to eat, study, access to the Internet, etc..
Wood color may be slightly different, buyers in the purchase can choose according to their own preferences and elegant cool or warm deep
Large pieces of heavy pieces are generally recommended to take the logistics, can save freight.
1 luxury bed table, user-friendly design for patients to use
2 high-end density board desktop, waterproof, anti pollution and easy to clean
3 welding bracket spray treatment can prevent corrosion increase with the service life of the daily maintenance
4 fixed hand screw type design of the new design of the table can be rotated 180 degrees can be used when the table can also be used to write! And with a universal wheel, can be free to move. More humane! Table size is 60 cm long, 40 cm wide. The use and the partial medical bed in the ward are not matched with the guard rails and the movable table plate.