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Stainless steel handle

Stainless steel handle

Date: 2016-08-24 Click: 611
Stainless steel handle

Rocker handle
The crank handle is made of stainless steel material:
Specification: suitable for hand travel bed, under the bed use different parts, can choose 150MM, 100MM,
Long tube: 1000MM 1100MM 1200MM. optional
Bearing: 150KGS
With the automatic hand light overload protection function.
1, supply instructions
Medical equipment manufacturers, manufacturers of direct sales, quality assurance, service quality, quantity and production cycle, please contact customer service staff to confirm inventory. Need samples, please contact customer service.
2, about the size
Size of the artificial measurement, as a result of measuring tools and measuring methods and other factors, there will be errors, please cool solution, please refer to your needs and evaluation of the size of the details of the independent shopping
3, about the color
Our goods are taken in kind, color by professional proofreading, and most close to the real, because the computer display color contrast and color temperature are different and so on.
4, about customer service
If you fail to reply in time, you can also visit the company's website.
5, on sale
We will provide a complete after-sales service, genuine guarantee.
6, on the delivery
Send the logistics, please contact our customer service to confirm your arrival of the logistics, after the goods arrived at the. If you want to send a designated courier, please contact customer service to confirm.


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